Tuesday, June 30, 2015


After going on a new venture to Steele Creek Church, Tony and I ate lunch at Tijuana Flats and then stopped by Tony's Ice Cream for yummy grape and butter pecan cones. 

Mine tasted like a grape lollipop. It was delicious homemade ice cream. 
And on Monday before he left, another sweet note was left on my bed. Such a sweetheart. And he totally gets my Project Life and scrapbooking needs by dating the paper :)

Friday, June 12, 2015

DIY: Letter Art

My sister, Angie, wanted me to create a letters for my soon-to-be niece Hadley's bedroom. 
The process started with Angie's (what appears to be highlighter) sketch.
Hence I turned it into a little bit better marker/pen sketch from Pinterest images she sent.
Mind you, my sister is in Colorado and I am in North Carolina, so this is all being done via text/FaceTime.
She found the letters online, so I went to Michaels and picked up the white letters.
I made several attempts on some letters but the following mistakes occurred before getting the below results:  1) paint seeped under stencils  2) paint was easily wiped off or scratched off 3)one layer of paint was not enough...if using the crafters paint which I was.
So to rremedy those errors, do the following:
1) lightly sand off the letters before painting
2) add a gel medium to paint for a thicker consistancy; thus it will 3) to avoid seepage when stenciling.  Also, using a palette knife to apply mixture helped.

Each letter had a different technique applied:
H) 3 coats of paint  (this was the easiest one)
A) mix of gel medium and orange paint used in a circle stencil
D) light turquoise wash as base, then layer of gel medium and turquoise paint with stencil
L) gel medium and magenta paint with floral stencil
E) gel medium and light green paint with chevron stencil
Y) HARDEST LETTER....tape, paint, dry...then repeat about 10 times.  Then cleaning up the lines, making sure they were straight....and then repeat the whole process...probably 3 times.  I was not a fan of "Y" after this.
And then my sister wanted...........

So this was the end result...
Ready to ship and brighten the room up :)

Saturday, June 6, 2015

WHAT A DAY: Carolina Beach May 29-June 4, 2015

Kathy & Stan Gitt, Mike, Kelly, Gina, Brendan, Aiden, Emerson, & Ava Gitt
w/ guest appearance by Ken Gitt 
After picking up mom and dad at the Charlotte airport around 5 pm, we headed to the beach arriving in the evening as we stopped to eat along the way.  So the next day was an early one, waking up to the sunrise...then off to breakfast.
We drove by the Farmer's Market and decided to stop.  My mom grabbed a neat light switch plate.
And the kennel korn was delicious. 
Next stop was the grocery store where Stevie Wonder was greeting the shoppers :)
The grocery load was so much less than last year...which meant less trips up and down the steps. 
Thank Goodness!
And then finally....beach time.
The rest of the group arrived in the afternoon, but still plenty of time to spend on the beach.

The kids were ready to create before dinner...so that took up much of the time especially for non-beach friendly ones.
It was nice to be able to go out at night and enjoy the beach as well.  The tide was sure high during our stay.  Even took the pleasure to dowse our beach area unexpectedly.

Day 3....beach time, art store visit, and cookout.

Day 4....sunrise, games, dinner at Michael's and Dad's 68th birthday cake.

Day 5:  Boardwalk, Britts, Hurricane Alley, El Cazador, and marina visit with a guest solo from a tiny little toad.

DAy 6...Girls' Day Out...manicures and art class.

plus some family photos during the rain break

The sunset was gorgeous as well.
Day 7...low key, early morning, trip back to Charlotte while the rest went to Myrtle Beach.

When back in Charlotte, we unpacked then grabbed dinner at Omaha Steaks.  Yummy....especially the desserts :)
Afterwords, I hung out with my folks in their room and watched the basketball game and did crossword puzzles.  The next morning it was breakfast, trip to airport, then off to workout, and work.
So much fun this week, and can't wait to see everyone again soon!!