Wednesday, May 13, 2015

DIY: Mother's Day Cards

I always spend way to much time looking for that one special card for my mom.  However, this year, since I am on a Danielle-Donaldson-creativeGIRLclass-obsession, I drew some characters as card fronts.
(one is going to my mother, and the other to my One Little Word pen pal who is a mom)

I turned both into cards by sewing the art onto patterned paper, then sketching and painting a quote inside for each.  Hope they enjoyed them!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

creativeGIRL CLASS: rainCHILD

I dreaded the weekend of creativeGIRL class ending, but we were fortunate to take a piece of Danielle Donaldson home with us with an extra lesson and supplies.  I couldn't wait to dive right in...
So without further ado, let me introduce rainCHILD...

love her hair!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

creativeGIRL CLASS: Lavert and Shirley

From Shirley's existence, along came my creation of Lavert...
(get it...Laverne & Shirley)
To tie the two together, I used the same paper towel decoupaged onto his swim cap.

And I couldn't resist his old timer swim suit....anything to make his "Shirley" swoon.
(he still is missing his time that will come.)


Sunday, May 3, 2015

creativeGIRL CLASS: Day 3

A demo started off the day...
and she was BLONDE :)
and she is now MINE :)
Then it was on to the "Shirley" girl...

Once lunch was over, the hours went by way too fast...a demo done and it was time to say farewell to my tablemates, other artsy girls, and Danielle.

(and yes, I feel like the Jolly Green Giant in paint splattered paints compared to these gals)
Can't wait for the next class of fun and Fruit Loops..
from either of you gals. 

Thanks so much for the inspiration, the fun, the joy, and the quirky bad-ass goodness!!!
And as always, Donna, Bill & Melissa, Grandma Cookie,  & staff treat us with such wonderful hosting and product knowledge, and conversations.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

creativeGIRL CLASS: Day 2

Can you imagine waking up....getting to class...and this is your surprise?!?!?
Well this class was the very happy campers at 10am!!
I randomly picked whom I titled anxietyGIRL.
And Danielle patiently walked us all through the steps of coloring in our girls.

my table mates for the weekend...such fun especially watermelonGIRL.

and after she was complete...I signed and Danielle signed.
Later on, we started working yummy, splendid, goody-goody gumdrop trees...aka monkey ball trees.

so simple, so relaxing, so fun

Picking words from the "community bowl" added even more fun to the creations.

I then grabbed my Storybook to add some more trees during our lunch break. 
And also glanced at others' work...Kelly Barton knocked it out of the ballpark with her imaginative trees.  So jealous of her ..and Danielle's imagination. I WANT, I WANT, I WANT!!
Sketching girls in all sizes took over the afternoon while Danielle patiently created/demoed girls for each group in all sizes.  Such talent in her hands.  Love each and every dot of color she added.

The day went by all too fast for me....Soooooo dislike there is only one day left.  I could watch Danielle create and teach for days. (in a non-stalker type of way) 
On a side note....(squirrel), I came home to a gecko...and a baby bird in my backyard.  Hope Mother Nature kindly took care of each.  Xo would have played with both for hours.