Thursday, September 10, 2015

DECEMBER DAILY 2015: Album Foundation

It's not that "time of year"; but I am so excited to spend the holidays with Tony and document each moment. Thus, I jumped right in! Who knows... Maybe the stores setting up the holiday decor already has me in the spirit. 

I wanted to make my own book but with pockets. I grabbed a few packets of 6x8 clear pockets plus a few pieces of wood strips and fabric and an old card. Each page was taped together to another page or item in different tape (washi, masking or duck) then grouped together as signatures. 
I then grabbed an old hard cover book and pulled out the pages. (Dave these..they make great use for mixed media). I snagged the book for a deal at an antique store. Such history and character antiques. Especially ones for $2. 

Longfellow's most famous poem is probably "Paul Revere's Ride".  I remember having to memorize this in Mrs. Nielsen class at good ol' Elm Tree School (yes, I went to a country school with a class of 5 until 7th grade?!?!) Believe it--- It happened. 
Ok, I digress. I did a book binding technique I learned in Kate Thompson's class and then secured it in place. 
I plan on using either holiday music sheets or pages from Longfellow's book to cover the ribbon. 
I opted for a book to cover the outside binding. It didn't go well with my covers. 
The pocket pages stick out of the book but will be covered when I adhere the cover pages. 

Which is my favorite part of the entire book already. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer did a similar technique for an art I did my own spin for the holidays. 
I took an image Ashley G made and altered a few aspects and traced it onto the wood cover. 
And then just began wood burning my heart out. 

Note: do not set iron when cooling on anything it can burn. Lesson learned. 

I used the point for smaller details but soon discovered the ball point attachment was much easier to maneuver. I used the Creative Versa-Tool. 
I added a small silver embellishment with an angel near the title. And then found a design to use for my back cover. I love being able to embrace and incorporate my faith. 

My initial plan was to put ribbon for outside binding but opted against the look. I still need to change some aspects but it is a phenomenal start!!  

I added watercolor and some metallic paint to elements and sealed with tar gel. The "G" is a metal letter. 
I wanted to incorporate simple zen tangles in the process to learn another side to doodling. 

So far, so good!

Update: added details to interior covers. 

WHAT A DAY: September 7, 2015

Let the North Carolina Apple Festival festivities begin!! 

So many neat stores with such different items from Native American to Germany and European to the farmers of NC. Not to mention the cute beats all around downtown Hendersonville. 

Tony loves his muscadines. (Sp)

Apple Beignets. 

And we grabbed some delicious Fuji apples and candied/caramel apples to go. 
After lunch it was off to Burntshirt Vineyards for some yummy wine tasting. My first time doing this. So we opted for the full tasting of 14 wines. Eek! 

The Apple Wine and Villa Rosa were the winners and we grabbed a bottle to-go. However, I must admit, the Harvest Gold dessert wine was yummy but too sweet for a bottle. 
We, of course, were safe and waited before driving. And ventured around the property. 
Later that night, we watched theOhio  State/VTech game at our usual dinning spot when staying at the Clarion hotel. The Tavern Grille attached to the hotel is great food and service. A true Southern Belle. :)

Thursday, September 3, 2015

DRAWING: Jen Osborn's Periscope Lesson

Jen Osborn of The Messy Nest has been posting lessons on her art style via Pericsope app. AND I couldn't be more THRILLED!!  Here is my result from the first lesson. 


Let me start off by saying "I adore spending time creating with other artists at all levels!"  It is that time and space that just feels so peaceful and serene...and yes at times frustrating to get something right.  But I am working on that last aspect trying to let my inner artist speak.
I completely adore her and admire her and am in awe of her talent and strength!!
So this is what I am calling my transformation face as she took several different looks before...
I sort of just put her aside to rest my frustrations with getting a result I liked.

And this is where she is at now...