Wednesday, April 16, 2014

RubberMoon: Sneak Peak 4.8.2014

Head on over to RubberMoon at to see what this becomes.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

DIY: Flower Frame

Thanks to Junelle Jacobsen's flower idea, I created this frame with flowers for Mrs Mae who works as the maintenance person at my rec center. Always nervous about using my ideas as gifts for people. Hope she likes it. 

Love her to bits! 

Monday, April 7, 2014


And then it was time for good-byes, but with a twist.
We introduced ourselves!
(such a great way to start the day especially after last night's gatherings)

Everyone did manage to get some final touches to their art done and learn about stamping.
As well how to bind the book together.
I mean the learning never stopped....not to mention the food (a delicious brunch to send us on our way)



Ok, so I was a little late today....and Michelle did beat me to class (and she even ran 6 miles)
So I plopped myself in my chair and geared up for a lesson on Pan Pastels.
I honestly didn't like the technique at first, but then truly love how Donna inspired us with her demonstration and the samples she acquired for us to use as reference.  The end is a more abstract point of view...which I am trying to strive for....LET GO OF ALL THE FINE LINES, ETC.
Some new friend I made at my table. Such great artists.

My first attempt with Corre Alice image.

(as you can see Michelle and Laura were ahead of me due to my tardiness,
but they were more than kind to catch me up)
And this was the result before blending...
And then after...
and now time for a few details and lines.
It was very abstract, but it grew on me...
and now I love using Pan Pastels.
So I went for another page with them.

Using Karen Keiffer's image.

Water Soluable Oil Pastels.I went with the face, to get out of my comfort zone.
Not sure who the artist is of the above image, but they are great.
I couldn't get her forehead right, but still love the end result.
It is amazing how the white add so much. I added neon to her lips.
Who would have known?!?

And then it was Buffy's turn to show off her knowledge and talent in the Watercolor arena.
(Can you see how you can be blown away from all this information and plethora of materials?...
masking fluid, watercolor, salt
watercolors, saran wrap

And then while those dried, and we waited for our LIMO....I played around in my journal.
I took the idea of the stamped face and hair from Michelle.  She is so inspiring....and you should see her Oil Pastel girl.  AWESOME!!
AND THEN IT WAS TIME TO EAT....well ride..then EAT.

So much fun getting to know everyone and laughing and chatting and meeting new friends.
It sure is a small world when 2 gals from Salt Lake City come to Huntersville, and end up knowing one of my friends from back home.  Such sweet beings.
And who can resist a Lemon Drop Martini
(or rather Vodka with some sugar and strong but good)

Meal was Blackened Chicken Alfredo, Strawberry Cobbler.
YUMMY!  (I failed to take a pic of the Spicy Crab Tomato Bisque)
And then the day was over with full hearts and full bellies!


MR. DONUT IS BACK!! (and of course my favorite Trenta Cool Lime Refresher)
And helped fill me up while the inspiration found me.

And yes, I have a bandanna on.  Or rather a head scarf. AND I LOVE IT.
Despite those who may not.  It was fun to try and add a flair to my messy bun I usually sport while crafting.
Plus I broke in my white overalls apron today :) (and no makeup)

After munching on donuts, the class started with another wonderful tutorial from Donna on various paints, mediums, applications, inks, drippage (Oh, how we all love some drippage!), pens, markers, bottles, and application tenchniques.  So love the amount of information she stores and shares with us.  It is neverending and she has the answer to every artists' dilemma.  Just the color mixing theory had my mind thinking early in the morning.
And then it was time to start applying the knowledge onto the dried again, I just went with the flow, and blobbed anything and everything on to the pages.  (my table-mate said "I just have never seen anyone put so many layers onto one page than you." She repeated that each day as I tend to not like something and then just cover up most of it.  Good things the pages were sturdy.

I tried to lump my page progress together on the days posted.  So you can see how things changed.
I plan on doing a final album post once I get it completed.  It is a WIP.

Hard to tell, but that is an image transfer of Paul McCartney playing a guitar to his son.
(Did he have a son? or just a daughter? ...well it is a child nonetheless)

Loved the glazing effect on things. This may be my favorite new techniques.  You can't tell but the letters are a lot higher due to the thicker stencil used.  Plus I think I fell in love with the red/turquoise/teal combo.

This alphabet has since been covered with gesso.  I liked it at first, but then didn't.
So gesso solves everything.

Some ink and per Donna's advice, a teal glaze.  Love!!

Another teal glaze...

And then this pocket page...LOVE it too.  Some black lava, Dina Wakely stamp, glazes, and lots of mediums.

As the pages dried, I worked on my album cover...applying masking fluid over various parts along with an image transfer from Donna's packet of goodies.

It was so great getting personalized items with the class.  Especially when it is embroidered on art materials and not a work shirt :) And having my name spelled right was even more a reward. 
Failing to prime the canvas before the masking fluid was a pain once this all dried...Lesson learned.
I should have primed it to prevent the paint from going under the mask due to it being a canvas material.  So I applied clear gesso on top, then applied glazes, paint, and gesso to complete the look.

It is amazing how a day of art flies by and you never realize how much time is spent indulging in such joy.  And then at the end of the night, you feel so lightened, but yet so exhausted.  It is a great feeling.

Side Note: Another great day of meals was also prepared by Grandma Cookie:
 Shrimp Scampi for dinner = DELICIOUS!!