Monday, February 8, 2016

WHAT A DAY!: Weekend February 4-7, 2016

What's a start to a long weekend worth without some good food made with LOVE!
baked spaghetti & caramel nut apple pie w/ vanilla ice cream
And yes, Tony watched the entire Democratic debate that night...he was a bit perplexed by Bernie's answers at times...can you tell.
We also had some news that was not so good, but this message helped the healing process.
The next day, Tony surprised me and took me to Lavonia Antiques.
It sure brought back memories:
Tony ended up buying me the doll that tells the story of "Little Red Riding Hood"
(I think there was another one that went with the set, but they didn't have it)

And the Fisher Price barn even still had the "moo" sound when you opened the doors.  Such great memories....simple yet loved.
When we got back, I had to head to Alpharetta, GA for an Illustrated Faith event. (Tony has a sinus infection and bronchitis so he stayed home)
  Along the way, I stopped at the Commerce Tanger Outlets at H&M.

Gray sweater vest.  Love it!  So Comfy Cozy!
Before checking in, I grabbed some BBQ pork and peach tea.  They actually put the real peaches in the tea EVER!!
Saturday = Illustrated Faith, food, and fellowship.

After sleeping in, I grabbed some yummy donuts from Donut Theory and headed back up the highway.  I made a quick stop at Tony's before heading to Charlotte to watch the Super Bowl 50.
pistachio orange glaze, maple bacon bar, red velvet, boston cream, chocolate cruller, lemon bismark

Unfortunately, the Panthers lost to the Denver Broncos 24-10; however, it was neat to see my brother Adam in Japan watching.  
My niece and nephew dressed up for the occasion.When it was over, Braxton called and say "Go Broncos, and get an owrange shirt!"
There is always next year.....#KEEPPOUNDING

Sunday, January 31, 2016

ONE LITTLE WORD 2016: Grow with Patience

This year, Tony and I each picked a word. 
I initially chose Faith...then changed it to Grow which seems more suiting for my year. 
Tony chose Patience....which works for his path.
I had already started working on this ampersand symbol by wood burning and coloring various elements. Tony even drew our names on the board which I embraced into the design.
And gradually the design filled up all the space.  I made sure to incorporate our OLW's for the year as well as others meaningful to us.
The final detail was adding watercolor to parts of the symbol. 
I'll let you play Search & Find for all the little symbols, drawings, and words.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

SNOW DAY: Storm Jonas 2016

After taking Thursday off work, I had another nice break thanks to Storm Jonas.

Tony wasn't too happy about the weather as he needed to make his way back to Anderson, but I cheered him up with breakfast in bed: french toast, eggs, blueberries, and oj.

Since he was ill prepared for snow, I loaned him my hat and gloves AND ice scraper from Nebraska.
Cutest Snow Bunny EVER!!
Thankfully Tony made it back safely (after seeing several wrecks and sliding off the road himself)!
And the next day was good news as the Panthers won the NFC Championship
It has been so fun watching the games this season and I wish them nothing but
GOOD LUCK in San Franscisco.