Saturday, November 15, 2014


Amy Tangerine created script stickers with Kal Barteski.  They are gorg. And someone posted a great idea on how to used them in mixed media. See below. 
I grabbed a piece of birch wood and chose my words. CHERISH THIS.
Taped the edges. And chose my spray paint. 
First gold....
Then blue...I had removed the tape because the gold got on some parts of the trim so I just sprayed it all. 
Then teal...
And you can tell by this point I wasn't spraying properly to avoid seepage under the letters or the edges being covered. 

And then I retaped and sprayed with black. The other colors were not showing the statement as bold as I'd like. 

I was not happy with the results. Soni started over with just black.  Taking my time and spraying evenly. 

And I got this. Which I still wasn't happy due to the squared edges the spray paint left. 
So finally I went back to the original and got out the sand paper. 
To my surprise. The layers below showed through. And the final result made me happy. 
It's not perfect or precise and clean as the sample photo (which is awesome) but it's my creation. And I CHERISH it. 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

JOURNAL COVER: Thanksgiving 2014

After I booked my trip to Nebraska for Thanksgiving, I knew I wanted to document the days in a SMASH album. I have been doing this for the past 2 trips utilizing my Instax camera film...and I love the it gives me a simple canvas to doodle and art on throughout the trip and flights. .Just have to do a few simple prep pages to satisfy my creativity.
So the cover idea came from Balzer Design's blog post about foil tape art.  Instead of using cardboard cut-outs, I opted to use my handwriting and cut out foam stickers.
(I adore Jen Osborn's handwriting, so I stole some of her font style letters.)
 Then stuck them in place, and took foil tape over some images...and cheetah print duct tape over others. 

One thing I learned is going vertical with the tape makes it easier to shape around the letters and images.  The SMASH album already had an imprint on the cover so I just rubbed into the design as well.

Nervously, I painted over the entire book using white gesso and acrylic paint.  I wanted a solid base so I wouldn't worry about the paint chipping off the tape.
And then I added my color. It appeared much brighter when it was wet...then dulled quit a bit when dried.

Time to sand...also learned pieces of sand paper work better than the block sander.
Some areas I sanded down too much so it dulled the shiny tape.
So I decided to brighten areas up by highlighting with neon red and pink and adding a real leaf.

After a few days, the leaf turned a dark maroon probably due to the gell I used to adhere it, so simple solution was to doodle on the leaf. 
And that is the cover with more to come I am sure.  As I complete the album, I tend to go back and add more to the cover, but it is the startt and my favorite part. The other prep work I put into the albums is prepping pages with gesso or absorbent ground mediums so I can use watercolor crayons or markers ,pastels, etc..

Friday, October 31, 2014

aKa: Fall 2014

It's time for the Fall fun with the family.  Back to seeing what's going on in order:
Charlotte, NC - me, Ali      Valley, NE - mom, Kathy       Denver, CO - sister, Angie
Outside My Doorstep
(carved pumpkins don't survive long in the South)
(as you can see my mom stages her photos :)
Working On
(journaling Bible, closets, and my smarty sister...this project)
Shoes On My Feet
(btw...Handler's book was hilarious as usual)
What's For Lunch:
Just For Fun:

Sunday, October 26, 2014

WHAT A DAY: October 26, 2014

Melissa and I are back for another fun adventure "Bootiful" 
at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens.

A pumpkin decorating competition going on when you walked in.
I voted for the Popcorn :); however Olaf was tempting.

The new portion of the Gardens was also open.  "Lost Hollow" is catered towards children, but still neat and beautiful for all to see.
Creativity was all around and even in the guard rails.

This stuff was like cotton candy goodness for the eyes.

Despite the 80 degree weather, I opted not to get completely dowsed by the water display...
and simply continue sipping my handcrafted root beer.  Melissa endulged in the cider and beer sampling which was not to my taste buds' liking.


(yellow shrimp plant)

reflection pond