Sunday, September 14, 2014

WHAT A DAY: Pittsburgh, PA - Day 3

SEPTEMBER 14, 2014
After a long day on Saturday, I slept in til 10 am...then packed up and hit the road back to Charlotte.
I stopped at some outlet stores on the way (as PA does not tax clothes), but made a special stop once I saw a sign for "coal fired" pizza.  Apparently I was on a pizza kick this weekend.

But it did not disappoint and the staff was great.
Also along the route, I went an antique store which housed some amazing WWII as well as
the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, WV.

The tours were given on the hour every hour; however, I came at a random time and didn't want to spend 45 minutes when I needed to get home to my pup.  I did see the tour guides were all dressed in nurses/doctor uniforms which was a bit creepy, but there is rumored to be ghosts in the building too.

The last stop I made was at the New River Gorge....yes again....It was too beautiful to not see again.

This time, I opted to walk down the stairs to get a better view.
And it was so worth the long climb back up to see the river and bridges.

And yes, even though I was driving, I had the Panthers in my thoughts....GO CAM!

And the trees are starting to show sign of Fall......can't wait.
After the hike up, I stopped by a nearby souvenir shop and luckily got the last bridge charm for my bracelet.  Then it was back on the road....but it was a good day for a road traffic, great weather, and beautiful scenery throughout.

Saturday, September 13, 2014


On the bottom level of The Warhol was a super awesome and fun art room titled The Factory.
This floor was below so I assumed I could take a few pictures of the fun displays on the wall.

The Factory has 5 stations set up to utilize.
The first being screen printing.  The workers were so kind and patient with everyone's demands.  One could get as many free prints on paper they provided or pick from various items they had for a price such as journals, tote bags, bandannas, and shirts.  I opted to make a shirt for $12.  So fun.

I picked the "nose picker" in orange.

And "warhol" in bright pink.

And of course I took advantage of the free prints on paper for my scrapbooking needs.

I plan to frame the pie print and place it on my Frames wallpaper at home.

The second station I partook in was the Acetate Collage.
The Factory had several images printed on acetate (clear transparency paper) including a cow, penguin, Dianna Ross, rhino, and frog.  I finished one cow and took the rest home to finish at another time.  Who can turn away free art project....I can't.

 Up next was a water color station:
I didn't have time to finish this project, but since I have supplies at home, I grabbed the butterfly print to finish later that week.

Finished butterflies:

At the same table, there was the Blotted Line Drawings which took a technique Warhol used to make various shoe designs.  Again due to time, I grabbed a boot and sneaker design to complete later.  You need ink to complete this which I do at home as well.

And last station was the Collage POP.

A drawing of a scarab was on paper which you were to randomly cover with various paper and supplies.  Ideally covering the lines already on the paper.

Once completed, you head to the screen printer station and they use the silk screen to print over the collage making an amazing art piece. This piece will also get framed for my home.
And not to forget "the warhol: Coloring Book" on the way out of The Factory.

So I would say the $20 fee you pay to get into the museum was well worth the experience and the amount of artwork completed in The Factory.  Who needs to get anyting from the souvenir store after that...I didn't.
P.S.  I created a SMASH album for this trip which includes my Instax pictures and my finished art projects. I will post it in the near future.  Stay tuned.